121 Second Street

Useless Bay Coffee (Peters Residence/ Party Store / Living Green)

1944: Peters Residence built

1951. Peters House (arrow) (Courtesy South Whidbey Historical Society).

Peter and Marie Peters were married in Langley in 1916. They moved to Canada then returned to the U.S. in 1921 and lived in California before moving back to Whidbey Island in with their children 1935.

According to their grandson, Tim Scriven, "Their destination was Orcas Island, but on the way from California they were told that Orcas did not have electricity but Whidbey Island did. Grandma had an electric wringer washer and so they chose to move to South Whidbey. Interestingly the place that they first moved to on Whidbey Island, the Deer Lake area, was without electricity!"

In 1945, they built a garage on Second Street in Langley and moved there in 1946. They had planned to live in it while they built their home, but as time went on it became their home. Peter was an inventor, blacksmith, and carpenter, and had a workshop and other outbuildings behind the house.

1950's. Peters house (Courtesy Anna Primavera).

2004: Living Green (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The Peters' daughters inherited the property and sold it to Keith and Anjtje Gunnar. Then Maureen Cooke moved her Kitchen Shoppe into the building for a short time. Des Rock purchased the property in 2001 and rented it to Living Green Apothecary until 2005 when he remodeled the building into the Useless Bay Coffee Company Cafe.

2005. Remodel underway (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2005: Useless Bay Coffee Company

2018. Useless Bay Coffee Company (Courtesy Robert Waterman).