179 Second Street

Callahan Firehouse Studio (Firehouse)

Circa 1953: Wooden Firehouse

Circa 1951. Peters House (arrow) with no firehouse next door (Courtesy South Whidbey Historical Society).

Prior to the 1950's, Langley's fire fighting apparatus was housed at various locations around town.

A wooden firehouse was built west of the Peters' house in 1953. It had a siren on a wooden tower that "made a terrible noise" according the Peters.

1958. Mr. and Mrs. Peters in the front yard of their house with the firehouse in the background (Courtesy Anna Primavera).

1963: New Firehouse built

1971. Firehouse with drying tower (arrow) (Courtesy Ben Breedlove).

The wooden structure burned "under somewhat mysterious circumstances" and a new concrete block fire station with a brick façade on the north face and a drying tower with a siren on top at the southwest corner was constructed in its place in 1963. The north side facing Second Street had two garage doors.

Circa 1978: Middle addition added

1982. Firehouse with addition (Courtesy Delores Cobb).

The small sheds south of the firehouse were removed and a middle section was added to the south end of the fire station to serve as a meeting room and bathroom.

1982. West side of firehouse with addition (arrow) (Courtesy Jim Porter).

1970's. "The Beast" acquired from Everett (Courtesy Langley City Hall).

A yellow fire engine acquired from Everett was called "The Beast."

1983. Langley Mayor Delores Cobb, Jerry Knapp, and Don Lash pose with new fire engine (Courtesy Margot Jerome).

1996. Left door height raised (Courtesy Marilyn Bunker).

The left door was heightened to accommodate a ladder on top of a new fire engine; an E1 bought from Bellevue. The van parked in front was bought with a bond issue and used as an aid car.

Circa 1998: Pitched roof and addition added.

2017. South addition (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

An addition was added to the south end of the building to house the aid car. At the same time, a pitched, metal clad, roof was placed over the previously flat roofs.

2004. Firehouse with pitched roof (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The brick facade on the north side was removed and the height of the right garage door was raised to match the left. A new sign was placed above the garage doors replacing the older sign.

2004. South end of the firehouse with siren (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The siren on top of the drying tower was removed when the pitched roof was added and was eventually discarded.

2009: Callahan's Firehouse Studio and Gallery

2017. Callahan's Firehouse Studio and Gallery (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The fire station moved to a new home at 565 Camano Avenue in 2008. After entertaining several proposals for use of the vacated space, the City leased the building in Langley to Callahan McVay who established "Callahan's Firehouse Studio & Gallery" there in 2009. People can watch glass being blown, blow their own object or purchase original glass art.

2018: Apartment

In 2018, Callahan McVay remodeled the southern portion of the Firehouse into an apartment.

2018. Apartment in south portion of the firehouse (Courtesy Robert Waterman).