195 Second Street

Piper–Finlay Real Estate, Langley Main Street (Piper Properties / Ross Chapin Architect)

1992: Building constructed

1991. Architect's models of proposed structures. 195 Second Street (arrow) (Courtesy Ross Chapin).

This was the second of three buildings designed by architect Ross Chapin for developer Paul Schell to be located in the lot adjacent to the Fire Station.

1992. Building under construction (Courtesy Pam Schell).

1992. 195 Second Street (red) completed (Courtesy Ross Chapin).

The top floor of the building housed the offices of the architect of the building, Ross Chapin.

2018. 195 Second Street (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Several businesses have occupied the ground floor including Piper Properties Real Estate, an Art Gallery and Russell Sparkman's Fusionspark Media. In addition to Ross Chapin Architects, the building currently houses Piper Properties, and the Langley Main Street Association.

2018. Piper Properties and Langley Main Street signs (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

In 2019, realtor Leanne Finlay joined Gary Piper to form Piper - Finlay Real Estate.

2019. Door to 195 Second Street (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2020: Ross Chapin moved his architect office out of the building.