201 Cascade Avenue

Saratoga Inn (Gas Station)

Circa 1960: Langley Chevron Station

1961. Gas Station (arrow) (Courtesy South Whidbey Historical Society).

Where the Saratoga Inn stands today was a vacant lot for a long time. Mr. Primavera thought he might build a store or a garage on the site so he stored building materials there that some residents can remember playing on as children. A Chevron Station and garage was on the lot circa 1960.

1971. Garage at Second Street and Cascade Avenue (Courtesy Ben Breedlove).

1972: Langley Chevron at Second Street and Cascade Avenue (Courtesy Ross Chapin).

The Chevron station was station run by Norm Baker in the 1970's.

1985. Master Lube of Langley (Courtesy Langley City Hall).

It became Master-Lube of Langley in 1985.

1992. Garage removed (Courtesy Langley City Hall).

The garage was removed in 1992, and construction of the Inn began.

1993. Construction of the Inn underway (Courtesy Ray Fossek).

1994: Saratoga Inn

2011. Saratoga Inn (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The Inn opened as the "Harrison House" in May, 1994. It was renamed the "Saratoga Inn" a few years later. Jim and Jenny Pensiero took over the Inn in 2008. Although the Inn has an 201 Cascade Avenue address, it anchors the corner of Cascade Avenue and Second Street.